Thursday, January 12, 2012

Link Roundup: Volume 11

Recently, one of the writers on Community, Megan Ganz, did an IAMA on Reddit. She gave some really interesting answers, and Community fans should check it out.

Suri's Burn Book has been around for a while, but I just started reading it a couple of days ago. It's a hilarious, albeit sometimes cruel, look at celebrity kids.

Youtuber Chelsea Gill asked Jason Segel out via song, and this was his response. Some of his castmates from How I Met Your Mother commented on the issue at last night's People's Choice Awards.

I'm really intrigued by the upcoming movie Chronicle, and these clips are only stoking my curiosity.

I doubt I'm alone in thinking that Revenge was amazing last night. For a limited time, you can download the final song of the episode, Gem Club's "Red Arrow," from the ABC Music Lounge.

My favorite Vampire Diaries recapper, Price Peterson, has rounded up five of the best twitters feeds from the point of view of Vampire Diaries characters.

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