Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Link Roundup: Volume 10

Josh Radnor's movie Happythankyoumoreplease had a pretty limited release, but it's now available on Netflix streaming. For what my opinion's worth, I thought it was a bit pretentious and not a standout but cute and a nice effort from Josh Radnor.

I will always love Full House, but Full House Reviewed, which is full of loathing for the show, is my new favorite blog. In the past few weeks, I've read the entirety of the blog. No regrets.

Three of my favorite shows, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Revenge, are returning with new episodes tonight. Find out here when other shows are returning (and premiering).

This video is so old, but I couldn't help but share. Check out this hilarious prank interview between Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood.

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