Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Letter to ABC: Save the Eye Candy

Warning: This post contains spoilers about television deaths and extreme levels of silliness and shallowness. You have been warned.
Dear ABC,

You've done some things right lately. Your shows were among the first to return after the winter break, and I appreciate that. I've also really enjoyed two of your new shows: Revenge and Once Upon a Time. Additionally, the Wednesday lineup of Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Revenge is just amazing scheduling.

You've also generated some controversy lately, but you've dealt with it. Work It was kind of a flop, but you wisely cancelled it. Cougar Town fans wanted their show back after it was held in limbo for a while, and you finally announced a return date. But neither of those two things are what I want to speak to you about.

My problem is something more serious. It's affecting many of your viewers, and it needs to be addressed before it gets worse. This problem is the trend of your shows killing off the hot guys.

For example, there was Sheriff Graham on Once Upon a Time. Sure, he wasn't the most well-developed character, but he was really cute. Plus, we finally were getting to see a glance at his intriguing back-story. I appreciate that his death helped move the plot forward, but I miss him and his adorable face.

Speaking of Once Upon a Time, you also killed the brother of the character we now know as Prince Charming (who actually was the original prince). This wasn't really a big deal because Josh Dallas is still on the show, but it was still quite a shock to see him die.

Then, there was Henry on Grey's Anatomy. Oh Henry. He was so charming and so cute, and you just had to let him die. The whole "marrying someone you don't love for alternative reasons and then falling in love once you're married" plot is the stuff of Lifetime movies, but it worked with Teddy and Henry because Henry was so delightful. But now he joins George in the group of dead characters from Grey's Anatomy that I miss. Why couldn't you have just taken Derek (It's not that Patrick Dempsey is unattractive. I just really hate Derek.) instead?

Luckily, there's still hope for my last example, Daniel from Revenge. He's gorgeous, sweet, and basically perfect. So what happens to him? He was supposedly killed in the opening scene of Revenge. I say supposedly because his face is never shown. It's weird that the characters would assume that a face-down dead body is Daniel without good reason, but I'm certainly hoping that they're wrong.

ABC, there's still time to save Daniel and countless other hot guys on your network. If you don't take preventative action, who will be the next victim? Happy Endings' Brad? Once Upon a Time's Prince Charming? Castle's Castle? So I'm begging you to please do so. Don't let another hot guy die for the sake of drama and ratings. It's not worth it. Save the eye candy.

A Concerned Viewer

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