Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Link Roundup: Volume 9

What do you get when you combine the musical stylings of Robin Sparkles with Doctor Who? Magic!

Community fans, you might be surprised to find out the identity of one of the writers of the much-hyped The Descendants.

Guess which Big Brother couple is rumored to be on the cast of The Amazing Race next season.

Office fans, Dunder Mifflin paper is now a real thing.

This list of common movie poster cliches is fabulous and hilarious. My favorite has to be "Tiny People On the Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds." You can also visit the site where these examples originated for more of them (I included the first link because much of this site is in French).

If you love Once Upon a Time as much as I do, you should check out this first look of Emilie de Ravin as my favorite Disney princess, Belle. Maybe I can finally forgive her for what Tess did to Alex on Roswell.

Speaking of Once Upon a Time, I'm disappointed in myself as Lost fan for failing to catch this Apollo candy bar reference. 

While I'm on the subject of references I missed, this one from Community is both brilliant and ridiculously subtle.

Bringing these links back around to Doctor Who, you'll never guess (okay, you might) which cartoon of the 90s contained a Dalek reference.

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