Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Glee Rantaholic's View of Episode 2x22 "New York"

I'm seriously starting to think that I'm addicted to ranting about Glee. If you've read any of my other posts about Glee, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I obviously care about the characters and show enough to watch it, and yet, it's so ridiculously bad at times. In fact, I kind of abuse the show. If I were not me, I would probably tell myself to just stop watching. But honestly, it's fun to criticize and it actually manages to be really good at times. For the most part, however, "New York" was not these times. Anyway, I wanted to embrace my rantaholicism for this post. I'm not even going to write in nice little paragraphs. I'm just going to list what bugged me about this episode, and then I'll say a couple of nice things about it. I know this is kind of an unclassy post, but what can I say? Glee brings out the worst in me. I feel like there's a little more class in my non-Glee related post so please don't judge me solely on the basis of my Glee posts.

  • Why would Quinn know more about Broadway shows than Rachel? I'm pretty sure Rachel would be aware that Cats is closed.
  • Speaking of Quinn, I was way disappointed that her "big plans" turned out to be NOTHING. I was actually looking forward to her sabotage. 
  • Why was the Glee club acting like that kiss is what ruined their chances? Maybe it was the fact that they waited until they were in New York to even write their forgettable and auto-tuned songs.
  • I miss the Jessie St. James of season one (pre-egging, of course). I feel like they've made him into some nasty sleezeapalooza in an effort to make Finn look good by comparison.
  • But if that is their plan, the liking Finn part is not working on me. I'm just sick of Finn. I actually used to like him a lot and Cory Monteith seems like a cool guy in interviews, but Finn has turned into such an unlikable character. First he's dating Quinn, but he starts to have some feelings for Rachel. Then the whole baby drama happens, and he and Quinn break up. He starts dating Rachel but really doesn't even seem that into her at times. Then, they break up and he has ~*~fireworks~*~ (yes, I used sarcastic wavy lines and asterisks) with Quinn, and gets back together with her even though she's dating someone else. Then, Rachel seems to finally be semi-happy with Jesse for a second, and Finn throws a tantrum. Then he breaks up with Quinn to be with ~his true love Rachel~. Then he throws all this romantic crap at her. Ugh. Oh, what do you know? This kind of turned into a paragraph. I guess, I just really dislike Finn.
  • My dislike of Finn had me hoping that Rachel would turn him down because he's a jerk. I mean, she sang "Jar of Hearts," a song about being done with a heartbreaker, just a few episodes ago. So, she says no to him because Broadway is her true love. Good enough for me. Except, oh wait. They're getting back together for their senior year. Ugh, again.
  • That song or song mashup or whatever it was that they sang as they jauntily bounced around New York was just embarrassing.
  • The Vocal Adrenaline performance was pretty boring. In fact, it's already been mostly erased from my memory.
  • The original songs were pretty boring too. I honestly don't remember what they were about. 
  • That kiss scene had me cracking up with the disappearing audience. So cheesy.
  • I was pretty disappointing with Glee for dropping another storyline so quickly. Will has a Broadway gig lined up, and just like that, he drops it for the kids? Seriously? Well, at least he got to pimp out his new album.
  • In general, much of the episode was kind of a snoozefest.
That's enough ranting. It's time for:

The Good
  • I actually think I like the idea of Sam and Mercedes as a couple. It's fun and a bit unexpected, but I can see it. So, props on that pairing. Plus, Mercedes is finally getting a storyline not about her tots!
  • The "For Good" performance was so good. Yeah, it was a bit unrealistic, but it was actually, dare I admit, a bit moving. 
  • Quinn's new hair cut was adorable.
  • It was nice to see a scene between the three ex-cheerios.
  • The New York scenery made the episode very beautiful.
  • It was cute that Kurt and Rachel at breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • "My Cup" is an amazing song.
  • "Whereas I'm spending my summer composing Pip, Pip, Hooray, the Broadway musical about Pippa Middleton."
  • "Yeah" had me cracking up.

That's it for now. If you have any thoughts on the episode, be they good or bad, please feel free to share them in the comments.


  1. so much of the things you've listed in "the bad" went completely past me. I feel ashamed that I wasn't paying enough attention.

  2. Haha. No need to be ashamed. Most of them are opinions; they're just opinions that I felt very strongly about.

  3. Interesting analysis... I love Glee but I have to agree with all of your bad points..
    Great blog I'm following :)

  4. Thanks for the follow! I'll be sure to check out your blog.