Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recommended Link Roundup

I haven't updated in about a week or so, I think. Topics kept popping in my head, but my laziness won out. I hate to break it to you, but laziness has won itself another battle. I know a lot of blogs like to round up links to other sites every so often. In the combined spirit of lazinesss and fitting in, I decided to try it.

Play is a short online film about a future littered with virtual reality games. It's about seventeen minutes, but I was so invested in the film that it felt much shorter.

Cracked's lists are almost always amazingly interesting, and "5 Things TV Writers Apparently Believe About Smart People," is certainly no exception. If I continue to make these link roundups, expect more Cracked links because they're awesome.

I finally gave up on SNL earlier this season because it got to the point where there was maybe one sketch per episode that didn't make me cringe. And while they still haven't won me back yet, their Miley Cyrus Show sketches are "pretty cool." Here's the first, second, and third Miley Cyrus show.

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