Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Leave Britney Alone": Glee's "Britney / Brittany"

Glee is a show that I have a love/hate relationship with (yeah, I just ended that with a preposition because I'm going colloquial style). I was hooked when it premiered back in May, but I've had some problems with it since then. I don't want to ramble too much on the subject, but basically, there's little to no character/plot development and the show is going in circles. I enjoy the dialogue and it's a fun show if I turn my mind off, but it could be much better and often ranges into hot mess territory.

But that's neither here nor there. Tonight's episode is the focus of my plot post. Did it have much plot/character development? No. Did it make much sense? Not really. Did I love it? Heck, yes. Why? It was fun, silly, and Britney-Spears-arific. "Britney/Brittany" definitely ranked among the most hyped episodes of Glee, but I felt no disappointment. Even though Britney appeared in maybe a total of a minute of the episode, it was fun to see an appearance from her and her songs were played all throughout the episode (with the exception of that one Paramore song).

As much as I loved the Britneyness of this episode, I also loved the Brittanyness. Although I was iffy about her character at first, Brittany is probably my favorite character of Glee now. She has some of the best lines and is a really fun character. She's usually pushed to the background, but in this episode, she was brought to the front and center. I loved that she got a chance to show off her dancing skills, even though she's normally a standout in any dance scene. I also loved that Brittany decided she's the best singer and deserves all the solos, even if just for the look on Rachel's face that it caused.

I thought there were some fun little quips in this episode such as "leave Brittany alone" "is this real life?" It's nice to see that the Glee writers watch youtube like the rest of us. Another shining line in "Britney/Brittany" was Finn's line about the guys "personifying" Rachel. Even though the dumb jock schtick is a little cliche, the writers normally manage to come up with great lines to go along with it.

As much as I loved seeing Uncle Jesse, I have to hate him for being the cause of Will's performing Toxic. That was just too much second-hand embarrassment for me to handle. I just hope the writers don't turn him into the cliche "secretly having bad intentions" guy. Emma deserves better than the kind-of-douchey-manwhore Will (speaking of Will's manwhore ways, I'd have loved to have heard Emma sing Womanizer about him).

I'm about to have to study for a test, so I'm going to end with this plea: please Glee writers, do not keep putting that creepy guy on Glee. He's been funny in the past, but he went too far tonight. I really don't want to subject myself to anything like that again.

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